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Woodworking Magazines | Which Woodworking Magazines Are The Best?

Reading Woodworking Magazines

Woodworking Magazines For All Skill Levels

The art of woodworking is performed by people of all skill levels.   There are those that are very masterful and turn out pieces that are treasured a lifetime and there are those that are new to woodworking but have a desire to learn and cultivate a love for the craft.  There are some amazing Woodworking Magazines that provide tips, plans and instruction through a range of skill levels to include very high levels all the way to tutorials for beginners and individuals at the intermediate level. The following are some top woodworking magazines that will provides skills, project ideas, and knowledge to those serious about woodworking.

Best Woodworking Magazines Today

1. Taunton’s Fine Woodworking, as rated in the category of Woodworking Magazines, came in at number one by 100 votes.  Many have considered this one of the best woodworking magazines available. Customers are also able to subscribe online and have access to past issues and new articles.

2. Wood Magazine provides instruction at the intermediate level. These Woodworking Magazines come from the publishers of Better Homes and Gardens.

3. Popular Woodworking magazine offers something for the woodworker at every level and is currently ranked at 3rd.

4. Shop Notes is run by those who run WoodNet and this magazine puts a real emphasis on woodworking plans and jigs. Many veteran woodworkers give this magazine a lot of praise.  Since 1992, each issue of this magazine provides detailed information and step by step instruction to complete great projects.

5. Wood Smith has been providing helpful instruction to woodworkers for over 30 years and now even offers woodworking video technique and tips that are available online.

Other Good Woodworking Magazines

There are loads of other great Woodworking Magazines for those that need ideas on projects, just starting, or just want to fine tune the skills they presently have.  Woodworking Magazine is a newer woodworking magazine which is focused primarily on woodworking because it is void of ads and offers an array of great information through articles, project ideas, and loads of woodworking instructions.  Other great woodworking magazines include:  Router Power Woodworking, Cabinet Maker, Workbench, Woodcraft, Fine Homebuilding, Edifice, Woodshop News, This Old House, American Woodworker, Canadian Woodworker, Canadian Home Woodshop, The Family Handyman, WoodenBoat, and woodworks.