Three Tips for Finding Wood Working Plans

You don’t need to feel pressured to draw up your own plans.  There is nothing wrong with following someone else’s woodcraft instructions.  Just because you’re a talented builder doesn’t mean you’re a talented designer.  After all, a great contractor builds a house that someone else designed.  If you don’t have the talent – or the time – to design your own woodworking plans, don’t feel bad.

Woodworking plans seem easy enough to find.  After all, there are tons of websites that offer them.  But you can’t depend on just any ‘ol plan.  You need woodworking plans that are expertly crafted.

So, how do you find them?

Follow these 3 tips:

1.  Beware of free wood working plans

In woodcraft – just like anything else – you get what you pay for.  True woodworking experts aren’t going to give away their plans for free, so all of those free designs you see advertised online were created by sub-par craftsmen.  Typically, free woodworking plans are inaccurate or even incomplete.  They may skip over important steps, or they may not list all of the supplies you will need – leaving you with a surprise later, when you need a bunch of screws that you don’t have!

2.  Choose wood working plans that match your skill level

If you’ve only done a couple of woodworking projects, you shouldn’t try to build a giant wall unit.  Good, expert plans will tell you what kind of expertise you need for the project.  If you’re a beginner, stick to smaller projects that don’t require a ton of complicated tools.  If you try to take on a project that’s too tough, you’ll only wind up getting frustrated.

3.  It’s all in the details

Expertly-created woodworking plans include clear sketches and detailed pictures of the finished product.  Plus, each set of plans will come with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions that leave no room for confusion.  A true woodcraft expert can create plans that anyone can follow – no matter how much of a newbie they are.

Remember, the goal in woodcraft is to have fun.  If you get stuck with free woodworking plans that leave you stressed out and confused, all of the fun goes out the window!