History of Woodworking

The art of woodcraft has been around since the start of man. Granted, over the years the art has evolved and it has become more intricate and precise, but the woodworking has always been there. In years gone by, early man would use sharp flint and the like to carve things like weapons and boats. These weapons would allow them to hunt for their food and their clothing. The boats would allow them to cross rives and lakes. The boats also improved man’s ability to fish. This dates the art of woodcarving all the way back to the neolithic era.


As time moved on, the art of woodcraft continued. The ancient Chinese as well as the Egyptians were avid carvers. The Egyptians carved chairs, tables and coffins along with many other items. They used bronze or maybe copper as a way of carving wood. There is little to go on regards to the Chinese and their history of woodworking, other than the fact that they did indeed partake in it and this has been shown throughout the history of the Chinese.


Woodworking continued throughout time as a way to make necessities that man needed. Everything from furniture to utensils were carved out of wood to use in every day life. Wood was easy to mold into the desired shape as long as there was a sharp object around to do the carving. Wood is also relatively simple to carve, therefore a much easier way to create the items that man needed in every day life.


In more recent times, the art of woodcraft died out for a while. Some thought it too time consuming to be of much use. However, it has since taken on a new need, and that is for those people who desire quality over quantity. Something carved out of wood by man’s own two hands is better than something made on a machine by a robot. Something hand sanded and hand fitted is worth far more than a cookie cutter piece of furniture. Many people prefer handmade furniture and there are many woodcraft artists who make a fine living catering to those consumers by taking simple woodworking plans and crafting unique and heirloom quality wood products.