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Free Woodworking Plans | Secrets For Finding Free Wood Plans Online

Free Woodworking Plans In The Woodshop

Are you looking for free woodworking plans to start out in the workshop? There are literally thousands of places to find free wood working plans online… and I’m going to show you five places where you can find great free wood work plans in a matter of minutes.

Free Woodworking Plans At Home Improvement Websites

Large home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s often have sections of their website with a give away free woodworking projects. If you go to the Lowe’s website, you will find a projects tab that gives away all kinds of great woodworking projects that you can begin building at in your woodshop. These free woodworking plans are an excellent choice when you’re first starting out.  You can also find similar plans available at the Ace Hardware and Home Depot websites. One trick is to do a site-specific search at Google for these free woodworking plans. This will allow you to often find old archived woodworking plans that are still part of the website that may not be featured on a specific tab. There is also a very good chance that your local home improvement store may have free woodworking plans and projects if you navigate to their website. Even large department stores that have a woodworking section may also have free woodworking plans at a specific section of their website dealing with woodworking.

Find Free Woodcraft Plans In Old Woodworking Magazines

There are dozens of woodworking magazines, and many of them have specific sections on their website that give away free woodworking plans or samples of a wood project to entice you to become a subscriber to their magazine. A great place to start when looking for these magazines and their websites is at Magazines.com where you will find a large list of magazines and could look for their specific websites and free woodworking projects. Many of these woodworking magazine websites also offer free samples of back issues as well as how to videos and free woodworking tips via video and through back issues. These sample free plans and archived project plans can be some of the best available today.

Take a minute to do a search for woodworking magazines and you will instantly uncover dozens if not hundreds of free woodworking plan images that you can download, print, and begin working with in your woodshop.

Most of these magazines have a wide assortment of free woodworking plans ranging from large outdoor projects to smaller indoor woodcraft projects making even smaller wooden jigs. The assortment is suitable for both beginner and advanced woodsmiths alike and the designs are usually of the highest quality.

Search For Free Wood Plans At Google, Bing, and Yahoo

By now, I’m sure you’ve taken the time to search at Google for free woodworking plans. Chances are, when you did your search, you came to thousands of websites with cheap and shoddy plans or patterns that just aren’t the type of quality woodworking plan you are looking for. While it is true that you get what you pay for, there is also the possibility that by simply doing a better job searching, you can improve the results you get back from the search engines. We’ve already mentioned previously the concept of using site-specific searches. Let’s talk about being specific with all your searches. You’ll want to make sure that you include the exact keywords for the type of project you are looking for, then you may also want to use words like “free”, “downloadable”, “no cost”, and “download now”. Make sure you also visit Bing and Yahoo, because they will give you different results based upon the different search engine algorithms that are in place. By using all three search engines, and being specific about what you are searching for, you can be sure that you will come up with hundreds of potentially good free woodworking plans using the search engines and tips.

Free Plans At Local Home Improvement Websites

Home improvement is big business these days. There are literally hundreds of home improvement television shows, web shows, and home improvement websites. Many of these websites have specific sections that are dedicated just to woodworking. Most of the larger home improvement shows have websites which allow you to download plans for the projects they created during the show. These plans have often been tested during the show and come with detailed instructions and accurate illustrations. These illustrations and instructions make it very easy to complete the plans and make sure that the end result meets up to your expectations.

One tip is to use your TV Guide to locate shows that deal with woodworking and then use the search engines to find the websites for the shows. Once you have done that simply do a site-specific search using those websites to look for free woodworking plans. The best woodworking plans have not only been tried and tested, but they also include detailed instructions that show you exactly what kind of wood to buy, what power tools you’ll need to use, and estimate amount of time it will take to complete the project construction. Most woodworking plans should also include a difficulty level so you know ahead of time how difficult the woodworking project will be. If you found a free woodworking plan the dozen have these things, and especially if the instructions and illustrations are clear, you shouldn’t even waste your time because chances are the plan was created by a novice and has never actually been tested or tried. The tips and warnings sections are my favorite parts of a site like this. Since most of these home improvement television shows are geared to help beginners learn how to do something, they often give excellent advice they can make sure your woodworking projects turn out as expected and get completed on time.

By looking around and searching for home improvement websites you can find literally hundreds of fantastic, free woodworking plans that you can get started with quickly and build beautiful woodcraft projects. Many of them will also include hard to find tips for getting the most from your power tools and hand tools, like your scrollsaw, router, and even your jig and bench storage.

Free Wood Working Plans Using Amazon Look Inside & Google Books

There are many good woodworking books available at Amazon.com. One great tip is to use the Amazon look inside feature, which allows you to look inside and see the pages of the book. Many of the woodworking plan books have this feature and you can therefore look at a specific page and see a woodworking plan that you can print off. Another place to find great woodworking plans is by looking in back issues of old woodworking magazines. Google books allows you to do such research.

Simply by going to Google books and typing in the specific type of woodworking plan you’re looking for you can often find detailed woodworking plans in old woodworking magazines that are now available online and you can print them out and begin to use them. This is obviously not the fastest way to find woodworking plans, but it is a great way to find quality plans that are free and have been tried and tested over the years.

As with the search engines, for both of these tips, it’s important to be very specific in how you search using the actual name of the furniture or type of project that you’re looking for a free woodworking plans on. You will also find a lot of public domain books that have woodworking projects in detail online. Woodworking is a hobby and occupation that stretches back since the beginning of time. Ever since the printing press was developed, step-by-step woodworking plans have been showing up in books and pamphlets to help the beginner and advanced woodsmith in their workshop, and woodworker’s have been turning the lathe, chipping away with a chisel, and carving all kinds of woods (oak, cedar, pine, cherry) and wood species to make beautiful woodcraft creations.